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Featuring pilot reviews, product demonstrations, safety and flight training content, live reporting from Capitol Hill and aviation events around the world, AOPA LIVE This Week is general aviation’s most-viewed online video news source. Seamless integration of your commercials into AOPA LIVE This Week will bring your marketing message to life as pilots tune in to watch the most engaging and credible aviation video content found anywhere. The site currently attracts nearly 130,000 unique pilot viewers a month, and that number is growing fast.

145,000 127,000 129,000 13,000
66,000 55% 6:42 AVERAGE MINUTES PER VIDEO 180

Qualified buyers
97% Male   3% Female
Average Age 61 Years
$1.39 million average household net worth
$259,000 average household income
95% are certificated pilots 56% personally own a General Aviation Aircraft Viewers fly everything from light-sport aircraft to business jets

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Active resource
New videos posted weekly
Thousands of videos archived online
Videos shareable with customers
ROKU accessible
99% View Aviation Videos Online
77% View Aviation Videos on AOPA Live or the AOPA Web Site
62% View Aviation Videos on You Tube
25% View Aviation Videos on or AvWeb

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Pack the power of your advertising into the dynamic streaming media of AOPA’s weekly original Internet video programming. After YouTube, it’s the most visited site for general aviation videos. And with seamless integration of commercials into AOPA LIVE This Week, your company’s message can be incorporated with some of the most engaging and credible aviation video content found anywhere. AOPA can direct you to video production services and resources so you can deliver a professional-looking message without the hassle of having to hire outside help.

(PER 10,000 PLAYS)
Up to 15 second opening pre-roll commercial, plus an ad in newsletter $1,650 per month
Up to 15 second mid-roll commercial (limited availability) $1,100 per month
Up to 90 second end-roll up commercial $825 per month
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