2017-2018 AOPA Media Guide
Welcome to the 2017-2018 AOPA Media Information Guide. Designed to provide an overview of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), its award-winning media communications channels and the market we serve – General Aviation.

AOPA represents more than two-thirds of U.S. private pilots -- with unequaled reach to 90% of all pilots and aircraft owners, engaging 600,000 unique individuals monthly and more than 320,000 active members. Since 1939, AOPA has promoted and protected the freedom to fly by creating an environment that gives people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy aviation and all it has to offer. As the world’s largest association of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, AOPA’s events, initiatives, and services bring current and future pilots together and make aviation more accessible for everyone.

Headquartered at Frederick Municipal Airport in central Maryland, AOPA has offices in Washington, DC, Wichita, KS and a network of regional managers, ambassadors and active volunteers throughout the U.S. AOPA’s federal, state and local advocacy and representation, educational and information resources, and a wide range of media, member benefits, products and services are uniquely designed for the flying community. AOPA delivers the “freedom to fly”.

78+ years of service

78+ years of service to general aviation pilots and aircraft owners

AOPA Media features 12 communications channels including the leading General Aviation magazine, AOPA Pilot, a unique Turbine Edition, and the exclusive publication for student and new pilots, Flight Training. With an emphasis on travel and luxury lifestyles, we’re happy to offer the new AOPA Pilot’s Guides to the Bahamas and Caribbean. Digital channels include the most-widely read weekly and daily electronic newsletters, the largest and most visited aviation website and the industry leading weekly video news program, AOPA Live This Week. AOPA’s presence at major aviation events and regional fly-ins bring pilots, aircraft owners and industry together for training, fun, food and lots of flying.


AOPA Media enables you to reach exactly the right customers at exactly the right time, including general aviation pilots, flight instructors, student pilots and enthusiasts, aircraft owners, professional pilots and flight schools. This performance-oriented audience has a greater appreciation for quality, from their aviation purchases to their automobiles, boats, real estate, home furnishings, travel, consumer electronics, watches, investments and other lifestyle products and services.

AOPA delivers this affluent, adventurous market in the most effective and efficient manner possible. And because they have a vested interest in AOPA and what it stands for, they’re more than just casual readers — they’re passionate consumers of everything aviation.

Come and make our members your customers.


As you prepare for the year ahead, use our downloadable digital extras to beautify your computer desktop, and navigate our integrated sales channels.