Build a better marketing plan.

From our depth of general aviation pilot and aircraft owners to our breath of media channels, AOPA can help you build an intergrated plan that reaches your customers wherever they are, when they're ready to buy. And our research and analytics can help you plan and measure all of your efforts. Let's get started.

AOPA Media Sales Representatives

Gary Brennan
PH 607-286-3500 or 301-695-2052
[email protected]

Tom Linton
Western Territory
PH 240-357-2546 or 301-695-2055
[email protected]

Jeff Rockwood
Eastern Territory
PH 512-750-7894 or 301-695-2089
[email protected]

AOPA Media Advertising Consultant

Brian Curpier
PH 607-547-2591
[email protected]

AOPA Media Advertising Department

Carol Dodds
Vice President
PH 301-695-2072
[email protected]

Brenda Ridgley
Ad Director
PH 301-695-2368
[email protected]

Dan Teore
Digital Advertising Specialist
PH 301-695-2235
[email protected]

Donna Stoner
Ad Production Coordinator
PH 301-695-2336
[email protected]

421 Aviation Way
Frederick, MD 21701
PH 301-695-2368
FAX 301-695-2396