Go Native.

Pilots, like anyone else, enjoy a good read. Native advertising brings a product or service to life as a natural part of a story. AOPA's unique promotions and variety of native advertising provides interesting content that matches the form and function of our digital media. Native ads offer the seamless look and feel of editorial by delivering compelling stories about the value of your product or service as an organic element of the advertising article. Subtle but clearly labeled "From industry" and "Your company created content," AOPA offers a special blend of push + pull + social integrated marketing to meet your brand and sales objectives. Increase the power and effectiveness of your advertising dollars — go native!

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Let your AOPA Media Representative assist you in designing creative new ways to demonstrate the value of your brand through a native advertising campaign with unique stories about your product in action. The possibilities are endless. You supply the content, AOPA provides the readers/viewers, a splash of creativity and a vast network of digital pathways to get them to your message.

Rates and specifications

Multiple AOPA Media digital platforms – ePilot, and social media

Range of impressions per 30-day campaign,
300,000 – 500,000

Range of affordable results
$10-30/cpm based on frequency and placement

Ask your AOPA media representative about native advertising today.