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As a business with interest in the rapidly growing pro-consumer drone industry, you know that tens of thousands of pilots have secured FAA authorization to operate drones for business and recreation. And thousands more are entering the world of aviation through drones every day. Drone registrations are outpacing all other aircraft registrations. Un-manned and manned aircraft are already sharing the airspace and the market is ready to engage.


AOPA Drone Pilot is a free biweekly newsletter created as part of AOPA’s effort to promote safety and education for all airspace users, drone pilots as well as conventional pilots. It is designed to keep the community abreast of the latest technology, safety recommendations, and news at the forefront of the drone boom.

AOPA Drone Pilot will offer important drone news, expert advice, tips, opinions, views, and updates on regulations, as well as, interesting gadgets, gear (including drones), and eye-catching videos that entertain and educate. It will inform and educate those who are interested in drones, hands-on or not. Keep up with the latest on this fast-moving technology, and the fastest-growing community within the aviation world.

A whole new audience

With an initial circulation of more than 20,000 drone pilots and enthusiasts...and growing fast, AOPA Drone Pilot is a direct channel for your business to communicate with this thriving community and its leadership. With a select and vetted audience of tens of thousands of registered UAS owners and operators as well as industry leaders and policymakers who support this new aviation sector, AOPA Drone Pilot puts your message in the hands of active drone pilots every other week and it comes with the credibility that only AOPA with its membership of more than 320,000 active conventional pilots can deliver.

AOPA Drone Pilot offers you the flexibility to choose when and how you want to deliver your message to this new and hard-to-reach audience with high-impact advertising formats and price options to meet a range of marketing budgets.

Your AOPA Advertising representative can help you craft an effective campaign that gives you maximum reach and efficiency. Also ask your rep about other marketing opportunities through drone webinar and podcast sponsorships.

Ad schedule and deadlines

AOPA Drone Pilot is published biweekly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Signed insertion order and materials are due by noon (Eastern) on Tuesday the week prior to the desired week of advertising.



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