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2.4M 598K 2:45 MINUTES

83% Male  17% Female
Average age 55 years
$258K average household income
$1.37M average household net worth

Active online buyers

90% of users have made an online purchase
 of an aviation product over the Internet
 in the past 12 months
81%  use a mobile device
79% use the Internet to access flight planning
 and weather information

In the next two years

64% plan to take recurrent training
50% plan to purchase ADS-B products
38% plan to purchase avionics and aircraft systems Sections

Get access to highly-engaged aviators.

Go Fly / Destinations / AOPA Flight Planner

Whether pilots and their families are reading about a new place to fly to, setting the aircraft profile for their next flight, or planning an adventure using real-time weather maps and chart overlays, drag-and-drop waypoint editing, the latest TFRs, airport fuel pricing, and more, Go Fly on showcases these easy-to-use online resources. Reach these active aviators while they’re involved in making key flight and travel decisions.

360,000 page views per month
110,000 unique visitors per month
284,000 visits per month
5:07 minutes average visit duration

AOPA Airports

Deliver your ad message the moment pilots are planning
their next flight.

Pilots on the move turn first to AOPA Airports, an integral part of our online planning tools that help pilots gather the information they need to prepare for every flight. AOPA Airports is the first stop for tens of thousands of pilots as they prepare for everything from business trips to family vacations. You can reach these pilots with your message right when they’re making decisions about their next flight.

145,000 page views per month
40,000 unique visitors per month
107,000 visits per month



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Initial Dimensions: Width = 970 pixels;
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Width = 970 pixels;
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Width = 300 pixels;
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Expandable Dimensions: Width = 970 pixels;
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Does not expand. Width = 600 pixels;
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Expansion Direction: Down Does not expand. Left
Initial File Size: 200k 200k 200k
Subsequent Max Polite File Load Size: 300k 300k 300k
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STATE INDEX PAGE 300x250 $63 per 1,000 impressions
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300x600 Half Page (Right Rail Only) N/A
Rectangle 300 x 100 $825/year
Leaderboard 728 x 90 $2,145/year
728x90 Leaderboard on Airport and Business Listing Manager Page $500/year ($1,500 value)

Commissions and terms
Premium charged for content-specific placement and rich media formats. Integrated print and web advertising discounts may apply. All rates are quoted as Net to AOPA. Text and HTML text ads are encouraged.

Electronic file specifications
Please call the AOPA production department for information
 on sending files.
Telephone: 301-695-2235
Email files to the following address: [email protected]

AOPA Lifestyle Collection

Make pilots an offer they can’t refuse.

AOPA Lifestyles is a membership discount program that puts your best offer in front of 320,000+ active pilots all year long.

With 4,600 visits per month (only AOPA members), Lifestyles advertisers enjoy high CTRs, conversions and lasting brand impressions.

This core member benefit—residing in the Member Benefits section of—is promoted in AOPA’s direct mail and email marketing to members, as well as our print and digital publications in order to keep your company’s offer top-of-mind for members. Pilots are anxious to buy from companies that cater to their unique needs and that support their aviation advocacy organization – AOPA.

45,000 page views per month
2,300 unique visitors per month
4,600 visits per month
1:55 minutes average visit duration
Source: Google Analytics June 2016


12 categories to showcase your product or service offer
Create your company's bst offer of at least 10% discount for AOPA members
Direct link to your URL
Premium or standar listings



Design your best offer that is especially for AOPA members with a discount value of at least $10.00 (or equivalent) or 10% off retail. The first sentence of your company listing will be bolded to include your best offer. You can provide a promo code for members to use on your website, when calling to place an order, or provide us with the link to a unique landing page for the special AOPA member discount.

Annual Standard Text Listing Single Category •  Description of up to 40 words with first
   sentence bolded
•  3 lines of contact information
•  Hyperlink to website
Annual Premium Text Listing Up to 3 Categories •  Description of up to 65 words with first
   sentence bolded
•  3 lines of contact information
•  Hyperlink to website
•  Your company logo in .jpg or .gif, 150
   pixels wide, vector art preferred