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Reach winter travelers, fisherman, scuba divers, boaters, sun worshippers, and beach goers who fly to and amongst the Islands for the occasional weekend getaway, or those who call them their second home. Updated annually, these guides have all the information pilots and their families need to plan a single flight or an island hopping adventure.

These guides are packed full of procedures, airport diagrams and business data, Customs & Immigration information, curated travel content, hotels, resorts and aerial images specifically compiled from a pilot's perspective. From safety and floatation gear to electronic flight planning tools to unique attractions and luxury accommodations, target thousands of Guide subscribers and readers who are hungry to find lodgings, products and services that will make their island travel memorable. Your advertising package includes the Guides website that is home to thousands of additional visitors each year combing the Internet for helpful tips to plan their next trip to the Islands.

This monthly magazine features everything from the latest news affecting general aviation to pilot reports on the latest aviation products, guidance for improving flying skills, articles that reinforce readers’ passion for flying, outstanding stories about great destinations, spectacular photography and the latest pilot gear, which make AOPA Pilot the award-winning print and digital publication that it is.

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Average stay for general aviation pilots is
6 days in Bahamas

Average stay for general aviation pilots is
9 days in the Out Islands

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